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How to use blockchain in an innovative organization?

Rödl & Partner together with LEOCODE are inviting you for the law -tech breakfast.
During the meetup we will share some interesting stories of use of blockchain and we will discuss challenges with scalability, safety and effectiveness.

What is The Blockchain & Cybersecurity Breakfast ?

Blockchain technology is one of the trendiest topics of recent months in large organizations. More and more companies are trying to use and understand how to use it effectively. Blockchain revolutionizes the way transactions are concluded, settled and saved, so you can see at a first glance that there are many uses.


01: Introduction to the Blockchain technology:

  • Genesis of blockchain

  • Blockchain vs bitcoin - what's the main difference

  • Advantages of blockchain

  • Disadvantages of blockchain

  • Use cases of applying blockchain and outcomes

02: To blockchain or not to blockchain?

  • Blockchain and privacy - technical aspects

  • Scalability and efficiency

  • Will blockchain help my business scale and grow or not - how to identify if this is the right solution for my company?

03: Information Security in 360° view

  • 4 base aspects of keeping information safe

  • Regulations, rules & best pracices to obey

  • Outside view on our security

  • Audits, pentests, reverse & social engineering

  • Incidents & bugs – how to avoid them?

04: Blockchain: combining law & security

  • Smart Contracts – do lawyers have to learn programming?

  • Legal aspects of durable medium

  • Distinguishing between copies and originals

  • What can and cannot be done with current architecture?

  • Does the consensus algorithm have a significant impact on security?


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